Zeiss FORUM Interface

This manufacturer’s equipment or software does not support server-hosted environments.

Zeiss FORUM requires additional licensing. Contact your equipment vendor for DICOM licensing pricing and information.

Zeiss FORUM Viewer is a Web-based application used to remotely archive, view, and manage diagnostic data and images from any computer in the local area network (LAN) for all Carl Zeiss Meditec diagnostic instruments.

ExamWRITER interacts with Zeiss FORUM Viewer to review patient exam data and images. When ExamWRITER patient information is linked with Zeiss data and images, exam data and images are available for review.

Network Connection Method

The Zeiss FORUM Viewer interface uses a mapped network drive to connect to the computer or Terminal Server.

Data and images can be viewed on any Windows workstation at the main office or at other practice locations, at home, or with any Internet connection. For more information on Internet connection setup requirements, see the Zeiss FORUM documentation .

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