Zeiss VISUPAC Interface

ExamWRITER interacts with the Zeiss VISUPAC software as follows:

  • Before the capture process when patient information is transferred from ExamWRITER to create or update images
  • During the review process when new or existing images are available for on-screen review

ExamWRITER uses the Zeiss VISUPAC capture application to create images, but it uses the ExamWRITEREyefinity EHR File Viewer window to review the images. The Zeiss VISUPAC software must be installed on the same computers as ExamWRITER.

The Zeiss VISUPAC interface saves equipment data to the Zeiss VISUPAC database. You can review the data on all computers that have ExamWRITER installed and the review interface enabled.

Network Connection Method

The Zeiss VISUPAC interface uses a mapped network drive to connect to the computer or Terminal Server.

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