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15.2.n Release Notes

This page catalogs the enhancements, fixes, and known issues included in the latest OfficeMate/ExamWRITER release. To learn more about how to use the new features or about what has changed since earlier releases, see the Previous Release Notes.

Released November 18, 2019

ePrescribing Features & Fixes

If you use the ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface, you will automatically be upgraded to a new interface by December 31, 2019. This update will occur on a Sunday evening and will be available to you when you click the eRx icon in the Medication Order window. In addition to the following features, this upgrade provides improved visual navigation, prescription-sent texts to patients, and increased renewal notice capacity. For more information, go to Using ePrescribing with ExamWRITER (2019 and Beyond).
  • After you send a prescription in the ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface, Rx dosages are no longer duplicated and displayed in the Freq column in the Medication Order window.
  • The process to convert to the new ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface has been improved to prevent crashes.
  • If you are still using the old ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface, you no longer receive an error in ExamWRITER when you download a refill with a PRN value.
  • The eRX Status menu option in the ExamWRITER main window is now highlighted green if there are refills, pending prescriptions, presciptions that need to be signed, or prescriptions with change requests from the ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface. This feature makes it easier for you to know if there are ePrescribing notifications.
  • You can now search within an expanded list of medications and add more medication details to a patient's record in ExamWRITER. In the Patient SYSTEMIC Medications and Allergies [MU] window, select the Online Brand and Generic Search radio button to access this medication list and medication details. The strength, generic name, form, route, NDC ID, quantity, and RxNorm code are included as part of the medication details and are now saved in the patient's ExamWRITER record. Adding medications to the patient's record by using this process improves your integration with the ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface, as these medication details are also in the interface.
    Although you can modify other medication details that you add from the online search, you cannot modify the strength and route of medications with NDC IDs.

ExamWRITER Features

  • You can now import Topcon KR-800PA topography reports, images, and autorefractor/keratometer data with the equipment integration interface.

ExamWRITER Fixes

AC/A Ratio

  • There is no longer a default AC/A ratio. Previously, the default ratio was 6, which was an above-average value.

Diabetic & Glaucoma Letters

  • You can now print these letters without security access to OfficeMate Administration. If you have security access to ExamWRITER, then you can print these letters.

Diagnosis/Procedure Coding

  • Duplicate blindness ICD-10 codes are no longer displayed in ICD-10 search results.

Equipment Integration

  • Prism and usage spectacle Rx data is no longer deleted in an exam after importing data from the Reichert Phoroptor VRx.
  • You can now open the CenterVue Review application. Previously, the site couldn't be reached.
  • Presenting spectacle prism Rx measurements are now imported from Zeiss i.Com.


  • The 3045F Level II procedure code is no longer autocoded in exams when you refine an A1c level as part of a patient-reported endocrine diagnosis. CMS retired this code on September 30, 2019. Now, when you record an A1c level from 7.0%–7.9%, the 3051F Level II procedure code is autocoded in the exam. When you record an A1c level from 8.0%–9.0%, the 3052F Level II procedure code is autocoded in the exam. These coding updates ensure that your claims are not rejected by Medicare.
  • Cylinder Rx measurements are now calculated correctly when you apply the vertex correction.
  • If you select the Base Out radio button when recording a right H prism Rx measurement, the Base Out radio button remains selected so that it is easy to record a left H prism Rx base out measurement.


  • Eyelid lesion selections are now expanded and include autocoding for the correct 2019 ICD-10 codes.

Patient Management

  • Previously recorded orders are no longer deleted when you record new orders.

Patient Systemic Medications and Allergies

  • You can now more quickly and easily view the most important information about medications without scrolling to see it.
  • Allergens with onset dates are now saved after they are recorded in ExamWRITER.

Installation Fixes

  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) version 18.1 is now installed on your server only if it isn't already installed there. Previously, SSMS 18.1 was reinstalled, even if it was not necessary. This fix decreases the amount of time it takes to install OfficeMate/ExamWRITER on your server.

  • The OfficeMate/ExamWRITER installation program notifies you that your server is going to reboot after SSMS 18.1 is installed.

MIPS Features & Fixes

OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 15 is the required version for any eligible clinician participating in MIPS in 2019. For additional MIPS documentation, videos, and information, go to the MIPS Resource Center and see the new Eyefinity Regulatory Resource Center help system.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some CDAs from being sent to the provider and patient portal when the exam is finalized.

  • SNOMED code 274798009 is now sent to CQMsolution when you record that DFE was performed in a diabetic patient exam (2022F Level II procedure code). This ensures that you receive credit towards MIPS quality measure 117 (Diabetes: Eye Exam). For more information, go to 117. Diabetes: Eye Exam.
  • If you are integrating with the AOA MORE Registry, you can now open the OfficeMate AOA Integration Check application from your server desktop. This application checks your integration for issues and alerts you if errors are found. Running this application can help ensure that you are able to successfully track and report quality data at all times. For more information, go to Tracking and Reporting Quality with the AOA MORE Registry.
This Health IT Module is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

OfficeMate Fixes

Appointment Scheduler

  • You can now reschedule and move appointments originally scheduled via eWebExtra without receiving an unhandled exception error.

  • The Send E-Mail button now works properly. When you click this button in a patient's demographic record, your default client-based email application opens and populates the To field with the patient's email address.

Barcode Labels

  • The Label Matrix barcode printer is no longer supported. Go to Printing Barcodes for instructions on printing barcodes with a supported printer.

Birthday Correspondence

  • Birthday correspondences are now generated for all patients with birthdays within the selected date range.

Delinquent Letters

  • Delinquent letters are now generated for all patients with delinquent balances.

eBuy Integration

  • Orders are now shipped to the correct address. Additionally, patients are no longer erroneously sent the doctor's invoice for orders.

Electronic Remittance Advice

  • The amount displayed in the Skipped field is now correct. Previously, the amount in the Skipped field was not reduced when payments were posted.
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) insurance payments are now transferred correctly to secondary insurance carriers. When you enter an amount in the To Sec column, the Other Coverage window automatically opens so that you can select a secondary insurance carrier. Previously, you had to remember to click the Other Ins button at the bottom of the Electronic Remittance Advice window. If you forgot to click that button and selected a secondary insurance and then you recorded the ERA, your fee slips could be incorrect. This fix ensures that information on fee slips and CMS 1500 forms is correct. In addition, OfficeMate now automatically creates a new insurance claim for the secondary insurance provider.

  • You can now successfully look for and find other open charges if they are recorded in OfficeMate.

Event Viewer Errors

  • You no longer receive errors from the OM.DataServices.ServiceHostController.exe in the Event Viewer.

Fee Slips

  • You can now successfully record payments in the Fee Slips window. Previously, if you recorded a payment in the Fee Slip window, a patient credit was created, and then when you tried to select that payment in the Receipts & Adjustments window, you received error -467262.
  • If you edit a fee slip with a credit and select to reapply the payment with the original date, the credit and original payment are now correctly processed after you rerecord the fee slip. Previously, the payment was reapplied using the date the payment was credited, not the date it was originally applied.
  • You no longer receive VSP price estimation errors when you record prism and add-power lens options on fee slips.
  • You can no longer record a product return on a credit memo. This fix ensures that your fee slips do not contain incorrect balances.

HL7 Interface

  • Lens modifiers (LT, RT, and so on) are now included in HL7 messages.
  • The wrong patients are no longer updated, and patient addresses are no longer duplicated.


  • You can now enter and record up to 150 items at one time on the Inventory Adjustment window. Previously, you could display only 20 items at one time.
  • Quantities on hand are now correctly updated.

Lens Product Loader

  • You no longer receive an unhandled exception error after you click Find.
  • New and existing ophthalmic lenses that you load now display all of the additional attributes that you have set up in the Third Party Setup window (Addl Attributes tab).


  • You can no longer record a product return on a credit memo. This fix ensures that your fee slips do not contain incorrect balances.

Patient Demographics

  • Phone numbers are no longer erroneously populated in the Social Security field in the Guarantor Information window when you set up a new guarantor. Phone numbers are now correctly displayed in the Home Phone field.

  • You now receive a warning message when you attempt to update demographic and note information in a patient's record while someone else is also attempting to update the same patient's demographic and note information on another computer. This warning message helps prevent you from accidentally overwriting existing patient information. As a best practice, and in order to reduce data loss, Eyefinity recommends that you use care when updating patient information and that two users never update the same patient record at the same time. In future versions of OfficeMate, we will be adding additional warning messages to continue to prevent you from mistakenly overwriting patient information.


  • You can now successfully apply all of a payment, including the last $0.01, to the oldest patient balance.


  • The aging reports (Accounts Receivable Report and Aged A/R 30-60-90-120+) no longer contain old unapplied amounts. The Exclude before check box is now selected by default for both reports, with a default date of 01/01/2000. Although you can modify this information, if you do not, amounts not applied before 01/01/2000 do not appear on the reports.

  • The Patient Fee Slip Balance Aging Detail Report and Insurance Fee Slip Balance Aging Detail Report no longer include patients with a $0 balance.
  • The Gross Profitability by Vendor Report now displays only products that were actually sold. Previously, this report displayed all products listed on the Product Details tab in the Products window.
  • The Monthly Production Summary Report now displays correct deposit amounts.

Rx Orders

  • When you open the Find Product window in an Rx order, contact lens quantities on hand are now correct. Previously, even though contact lens quantities on hand were correct in inventory windows and reports, they were not correct in Rx orders.
  • You can now submit electronic eyewear orders with a tint to VSP by using the OfficeMate VSP Interface. Previously, you received error ICDO0028, "Tint percent cannot be specified unless sample is lighten or darken."
  • The Rx status grid now prints in landscape mode instead of portrait mode so that you can easily see all of the Rx status details.

Third Party Processing

  • You can now record a rendering provider ID that has up to 15 digits in box 24J on the CMS 1500 form. Previously, you could record only 12 digits. This fixed issue is especially helpful for Pennsylvania providers who print claims for Medicaid.

  • Fee slip line item narrative data is no longer erroneously populated in box 19 on the CMS 1500 form on electronic claims.
  • You can now select the ZZ qualifier in box 24J on the CMS 1500 form on print claims.
  • You can now select the ZZ qualifier in box 33b on the CMS 1500 form.

VisionWeb Integration

  • VisionWeb orders are no longer blank when you order a plano sphere lens.

Known Issues

  • The new ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface contains the following known issues, which are scheduled to be fixed by DrFirst tentatively on December 3, 2019:

    • You may receive an SSO-209 timeout error when attempting to log into the ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface. If you receive this error, contact Eyefinity Customer Care at 1.800.942.5353 and we will work with DrFirst to correct this error on your site. If you have not yet upgraded to the new ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface, you will not receive this error when you do upgrade.
    • There is a refresh lag time in the Action, Dose, Dose Unit, Route, and Frequency drop-down menus when you are prescribing a medication. The selections in these drop-down menus are either initially blank or there is a refresh lag time while you wait for the correct options to appear.

    • Favorite medications are either not appearing or they are duplicated several times.

    • When you right click to copy and paste text, the drop-down selections are blank. Until this is fixed, using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste text in the ExamWRITER ePrescribing interface.
  • The Detailed Benefits feature in version 15 is not working as it did in version 12. Eyefinity is working to restore full functionality to this feature in a future release.
  • ReportWRITER version 15 is not working as it did in version 12, and you may receive error messages while using it. Eyefinity recommends using ExamWRITER instead of ReportWRITER to print exam reports.