Marco Interface

Eyefinity EHR receives data from the Marco equipment and displays the data in the pretesting summary of the Eyefinity EHR visit note. If you use the Marco OPD-Scan III with a standalone connection, Eyefinity EHR can also receive images from the Marco equipment.

Except for the Marco RT-5100 export interface, Eyefinity EHR does not send data to the Marco equipment.

The Marco export function does not work in remote-desktop (RDP) environments.

The equipment interface transfers data from the Marco equipment to Eyefinity EHR.

Network Connection Method

The Marco interface uses a serial RS-232 cable or a null modem to connect to the computer or Terminal Server. The Marco equipment interface can use multiple serial ports per PC.

To purchase additional Marco cables and to download equipment drivers and the Marco Connect software, click the following links:

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