Rechecking Prescriptions

Rechecking a prescription creates a new prescription, and the original prescription can no longer be used on orders. Prescriptions imported from Eyefinity EHR can be rechecked. You can also recheck a prescription that was previously rechecked.

  1. Locate the prescription you want to edit, and click the Recheck icon.

    A message appears, asking you to confirm that you want to recheck the prescription.

  2. Click Yes, Recheck Rx.

    The Rx: Contact Lenses or Rx: Glasses screen opens, allowing you to make edits to the prescription.

  3. Edit the prescription, as necessary.

    For information on entering prescription information, go to Adding an Eyeglasses Prescription or Adding a Contact Lens Prescription.

  4. Click Save.

    A new prescription record appears in the Rx list, with the word “Recheck” appended to the Rx Type.

  5. To view the original prescription, click Recheck History.

    Prescriptions in the Recheck History are marked Inactive, and cannot be edited, deleted, or used on orders.