Sending Contact Lens Batch Orders to ABB

In Administration, you can set up your Contact Lens Ordering integration to send multiple orders to ABB as a single batch order, and to have the system notify you when a batch’s total cost reaches a minimum total cost threshold you set. Setting a minimum total cost helps you take advantage of free shipping and other discount offers from ABB on orders over a certain amount. For information on setting up batch ordering for contact lenses, go to Editing the Contact Lens Ordering Integration.

With ABB batch ordering enabled, contact lens orders are not sent to ABB automatically. Instead, the system holds invoiced orders until you send them. The Stock tab displays icons that indicate which orders are contact lens batch orders, and which batch orders have reached the minimum total cost you set.

In the following example, the amount set for the Minimum Total Cost for Batch Order in Administration is $150.00. The Send Stock Order icon indicates whether the threshold has been reached. You can click the icon to send the order to ABB at any time.

To send a batch order to ABB:

  1. Click Inventory and select Product Inventory.
  2. On the Stock tab, search for the order you want to send.

    For more information, go to Looking Up and Editing Stock Orders.

  3. To add contact lenses to the batch order (for example, to replenish your trial lens stock):
    1. Click the blue arrow next to the stock order to see the order details.
    2. Click + Detail
    3. Search for the lenses you want to add and record the Quantity.
    4. Click Save.
  4. Click the Send Stock Order icon.
    • A green icon indicates that the minimum total cost threshold for batch ordering has been reached.
    • A white icon indicates that is has not been reached.

    The system asks you to confirm that you want to send the stock order.

  5. Click OK.
  • The batch remains open and lenses continue to be added from Material Orders until you click the icon, even after the icon turns green.
  • As with single orders, only contact lenses with Eyefinity - ABB selected as the Supplier in the Rx are sent to ABB.
  • You must select to ship to This Office when creating the material order. Orders with Mail to Patient selected will not be included in batch ordering.
  • Batch orders use Standard shipping, while 2-day shipping orders are sent as individual orders.