Editing the Contact Lens Ordering Integration

If you order contact lenses from ABB Concise, you can integrate them with Eyefinity Practice Management to allow you to submit your orders automatically.

Before you can begin using this feature, Eyefinity must first activate and set up the integration. If you are interested in automatic contact lens ordering, contact your Eyefinity Practice Management Account Manager.

Private label contact lenses cannot be ordered through the integration with ABB.

If you need to edit the information.

  1. In Office: Setup, click Integrations.
  2. In the Integrations window, click Edit.

    A warning message appears, asking you to confirm that you understand that changing the integration information may break your integration.

  3. If you still want to edit the information, click I Understand the Risk.
  4. Under Contact Lens Ordering, select Eyefinity ABB as the Contact Lens Supplier. Do not select ABB Optical (Inactive).
  5. Enter your ABB Concise/ODG Account number.
    For multi-location offices sharing an account number, enter only the account number and no suffixes (i.e. enter "123456", not "123456-0001"). The address in Office Information will be used by ABB to determine to which location the orders belong.
  6. Select the Order Processing Type.
    • Select Batch Order to hold invoiced orders for ABB until the total cost reaches the Minimum Total Cost you specify in step 7.. When the minimum total cost is reached, the system displays a notification on the Stock Order grid in Inventory, prompting you to send the orders. Batch orders are not sent automatically.

      Selecting Batch Order turns on batch ordering for all offices in your company.

      For more information on using contact lens batch ordering, go to Sending Contact Lens Batch Orders to ABB.

      To ensure your minimum total cost calculations are correct, have Cost set up for all lenses in Contact Lens Setup. For more information, go to Setting Up and Modifying Contact Lens Information.

    • Select Single Order to send orders automatically as they are invoiced.
  7. Enter the Minimum Total Cost, if necessary.
    Minumum Total Cost is based on the Cost for the contact lenses and is not a limitation for how many orders can be on a batch. Batches that do not meet this minimum total will not be able to be sent.
  8. Click Save.