Setting Up Label Printers

This section tells you how to download the printer drivers and set up the printing preferences for each label printer that is compatible with Eyefinity Practice Management. Topics include:

You can use the following label printers with Eyefinity Practice Management:

  • SATO CG408TT (Part #WWCG18031)
  • Zebra TLP 2824 Plus (EPL)

The following label printers are discontinued, but still supported:

  • SATO CX400
  • SATO CL408
  • SATO CL408e

For more detailed information about a printer or scanner, please contact a support representative from the printer or scanner’s manufacturer.

Eyefinity recommends that you purchase frame labels and ribbon from Think Smart for all barcode printing in Eyefinity Practice Management. Order these labels directly from Think Smart at 800.941.4913.