Pulling VSP Authorizations for Multiple Patients (Bulk Authorizations)

Use VSP Authorizations to pull authorizations for all patients with VSP insurance who have appointments at the office you are logged into on a selected date. You can pull authorizations for appointment dates that are up to seven days in the future from today's date.

For information on recording VSP insurance plan information and authorizations for individual patients, see Adding VSP Insurance and Authorizations.
  1. On any screen in Front Office, click Patients and select VSP Authorizations.

    The VSP Authorizations screen opens and displays all patients with active VSP plans who have appointments scheduled for the selected date. Patients may be listed more than once if they have more than one active VSP plan.

    The date field defaults to the next business day. If necessary, enter a different date or click the Calendar button to select the date. You can only pull authorizations for patients with appointments scheduled during the next seven days.

    • Click a patient's name to access their Demographics screen.
    • A yellow triangle icon in the Authorization column indicates that the patient does not have eligibilities available. This may be because they have used their benefits already, or the demographic information in Eyefinity Practice Management does not match what VSP has on file. Go to the patient's Demographics screenand check that the information there is complete and correct, or call the patient to confirm insurance information.
    • Expired eligibilities do not appear in the list.
  2. For each patient, select the check boxes for the eligibilities you want to authorize. Authorizations that have already been pulled are not editable.
    • To authorize all the eligibilities available for a patient, select the All check box.
    • To pull separate authorizations for different eligibility types (for example, one for the exam and one for materials) by click Split. Another row is added for the same patient and insurance. Select the check boxes in each row, as needed. Click Remove to delete a split authorization.
  3. Alternately, you can select the check boxes in the column headings to select the available eligibilties of that type for all patients shown in the list.

  4. When you have selected all eligibilities to authorize, click Submit.
  5. The system obtains the authorizations and updates the list with the Authorization numbers. Once the authorizations have been pulled, the eligibility check boxes are disabled.

Deleting VSP Authorizations

To delete an unused authorization, click the Delete icon. The authorization is automatically deleted from the VSP system and a new authorization will need to be pulled to access the patient's benefits. Only unused authorizations can be deleted.