Recording Patient Demographics

In the Demographics screen, record patient contact information, personal information, and meaningful use (MU) information, and designate a responsible party for the patient. This section includes:

Recording Contact Information

  1. In the Demographics window, under Contact Information, record the patient’s name, address, telephone, and email information.
    • Select the Bad Address, Bad Phone, or Bad Email check box to indicate that the information recorded is incorrect.

      Bad Address will prevent Patient Statements from being generated for the patient.

    • Select Declined to Share if the patient does not want to share his or her email address with your practice.
  2. For Communication Preferences (MU), select the patient's Preferred Contact Method.
  3. Select the Communication Methods for which the patient has given permission, for each of the following communication types. You can select any or all of the communication methods, or leave all the check boxes deselected for a specific type of communication if you do not plan to send it to the patient. If this is a new patient, the selections default to the settings in Patient Preferences.
    • Recalls - recall notices
    • Appointment - reminders for upcoming scheduled appointments
    • Product Pick Up - notifications that orders are ready for the patient to pick up
    • Marketing Promo - marketing and promotional information
    • Education - health education information
      • Changes to these settings update the communication settings in Eyefinity Electronic Patient Notifications. They do not update the settings in any of our third-party patient communication partners (such as Solutionreach, Demandforce, 4PatientCare, Nexus, and Weave). The ability to share these expanded preferences with our partners will be added in the near future.
      • To avoid errors when using Eyefinity Electronic Patient Notifications, we recommend you select either Phone or Text as the communication method for each communication type, not both.
      • The Email check boxes are not available if Declined to Share is selected for the patient's Email address.
  4. To continue recording patient information, go to Recording Personal Information.

Recording Personal Information

  1. In the Demographics window, under Personal Information, record the patient’s MRN (medical record number).
    The MRN must be no more than 20 characters long and cannot include spaces or special characters.
  2. Select a Provider. Only providers assigned to the office you're currently logged in to are available in the drop-down list.
  3. If your practice has multiple locations, select a Home Office for this patient.
  4. Record the patient’s Date of Birth (MU). You do not need to type slashes or hyphens; the system automatically formats the date for you.
    Claims for the patient will go on hold if the date of birth is missing.
  5. Select a Birth Sex.
    For new patients, Birth Sex is automatically selected if you select a gendered title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, etc.) at the Name field. Selecting the title Dr does not affect the Birth Sex field. Changing the title for an existing patient also does not affect the Birth Sex field.
  6. Select whether to use the patient’s full SSN (social security number) or the last four digits only, and record the number in the text box.
  7. Select the patient’s Occupation, Employment Status, Marital Status, and Activities as appropriate.
  8. Select whether your practice has the patient's Signature on insurance file.
  9. If appropriate, select the check boxes to indicate that the patient has Diabetes and/or Special Needs (i.e., a disability or other need for accommodations).
  10. Click Save, or continue to Recording Patient Demographics.
  11. If you have Eyefinity EHR integrated with Eyefinity Practice Management, the patient information is automatically sent to Eyefinity EHR when you click Save. The entry in the SSN field is sent only if it contains the patient’s full social security number.

Recording Meaningful Use Information

  1. In the Demographics window, under Meaningful Use, select one or more entries for the patient’s Race.
  2. Select the patient’s Ethnicity.
  3. Select the patient’s Preferred Language.
  4. If the patient has signed a HIPAA release form, select Yes for HIPAA Signature on File, and enter the signature date (optional).
  5. Select the patient’s Referred By (MU) method. See Adding Patient and Outside Provider Referral Information for information on adding referrals from existing patients and outside providers.
  6. Click Save.
    If you have Eyefinity EHR integrated with Eyefinity Practice Management, the information is automatically sent to Eyefinity EHR when you click Save.

Recording an Additional Address

You can record additional addresses for the patient. The additional addresses are available in Material Orders for shipping eyeglass and contact lens orders.

  1. On the left side of the Demographics screen, under Demographics, click Additional Addresses.
  2. In the Additional Addresses window, click + Address.
  3. Select the Address Type.
  4. Record the address information.
  5. Click Save.

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