Using the Eyefinity Integrated Online Scheduler

This topic explains how to use the Integrated Online Scheduler with Eyefinity Practice Management. If your practice has an eWebExtra website, the Integrated Scheduler allows your patients to schedule appointments online, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Appointments are recorded in your Eyefinity Practice Management Scheduler in real time, and email confirmations are sent to your patient, all automatically.

Before you can use the integrated online scheduler, you need to make sure your providers, services, and insurance information are set up properly in Eyefinity Practice Management. For more information, see Setting Up Website Domain Information and Integration Settings.

An eWebExtra website with the Integrated Online Scheduler is included with Eyefinity Practice Management. For information on how to get started, go to

This section explains how your patients schedule appointments with your practice using the online scheduler.

  1. To schedule an appointment, the patient clicks Schedule Appointments on your practice's website. No login is required.
  2. The patient selects their desired location.
    • If your practice has location links or a map set up, the patient clicks their desired location.

      The Appointment Scheduling window opens and the location the patient selected displays in the Location field. The Back button allows the patient to go back and select a different location, if necessary.

    • If your practice does not have location links or a map set up, the Appointment Scheduling window opens and the patient selects a location from the Location drop-down list.
  3. The patient selects a Reason for Visit, their Insurance Carrier, and the Doctor they would like to see. The options available in the drop-down lists are determined by the settings in your Eyefinity Practice Management system.

  4. The patient then selects a Date and Time for the appointment.

    The dates and times shown to the patient are based on the available appointments in your Eyefinity Practice Management Scheduler.

    Your practice can specify the number of days from today when the earliest appointment is available. You can select to allow same-day appointment scheduling online, or only offer appointments beginning tomorrow, or four days from today. The system defaults to tomorrow.

  5. The patient enters his or her Name, Date of Birth, Zip Code, Email, and Phone Number. This information is used to either locate an existing patient record in Eyefinity Practice Management or create a new record.

    The Insurance Id field is optional and may not appear if your practice does not have it enabled.

  6. The patient then clicks Submit.
  7. The system checks to see if the patient has an existing patient record. If a patient record is found, the appointment is scheduled.

    If no patient record is found, a message asks if they are a new patient.

    • If the patient clicks Yes, I’m new, he or she will be asked for additional information to create a new record in Eyefinity Practice Management and then click Submit again.

    • If the patient clicks No, edit my info, the patient is returned to the Patient Info screen to edit any incorrect information and then click Submit again.
    • If the patient clicks No, continue anyway, a placeholder appointment is created in Eyefinity Practice Management using the patient name “PatientHold SeeAppointmentNotes.” All the appointment information, including the patient’s actual name, is listed in the appointment notes. You will need to locate these appointments and use the notes to enter the appointment correctly.

      Your practice receives an email whenever a patient selects the No, continue anyway option. Check your email inbox often so you can search the scheduler for the “PatientHold See AppointmentNotes” patient and enter the correct appointment information.

  8. Once the appointment is scheduled, the Appointment Successfully Scheduled screen displays and a confirmation email is automatically sent to the address the patient entered.
    The appointment is automatically added to your Scheduler in Eyefinity Practice Management when the patient clicks Submit. Your practice also receives an email that the appointment was created, but no action is required on your part.
  9. In the Appointment Successfully Scheduled screen, the patient can:
    • Click the Add to Calendar link to add the appointment to their electronic calendar. The appointment title will be "Optometry appointment - Doctor Name" and the office address and phone number will be listed in the Location field.
    • Click the View Directions link to open Google Maps to your office location.
    • Check VSP benefits, if he or she selected VSP as the insurance carrier for the appointment.