Humphrey HFA3 Interface

ExamWRITER receives data reports from the Humphrey Field Analyzer HFA3 Series equipment and links the reports to the ExamWRITER exam record.

ExamWRITER does not send clinical data to the Humphrey equipment.

The Humphrey HFA3 interface saves data reports to the DATA folder on the ExamWRITER server. You can review the reports on all computers that have ExamWRITER installed and the HFA3 review interface enabled.

Network Connection Method

The Humphrey interface uses a mapped network drive to connect to the computer or Terminal Server. To network your Humphrey Field Analyzer and interact with ExamWRITER, you must purchase a networking license from Carl Zeiss Meditech, Inc.

This section includes the following topics:

Even if you are familiar with using the Humphrey equipment, you must follow the instructions in Using the Humphrey HFA3 Interface so that you correctly recall patient data and transfer the tests.