OCULUS Interface

OCULUS Easyfield requires additional licensing. Contact your equipment vendor for DICOM licensing pricing and information.

ExamWRITER interacts with the OCULUS Centerfield; Easyfield C Perimeter; Binoptometer 4P; Keratograph 4 and Keratograph 5M; and Pentacam, Pentacam HR, and Pentacam AXL apps as follows:

  • Before the capture process when patient information (name and date of birth) is transferred from ExamWRITER into OCULUS
  • During the review process when the OCULUS visual fields and topography data is available for on-screen review

In addition, the Binoptometer 4P transfers unaided visual acuities and spectacle and contact lens presenting Rx information into ExamWRITER.

The OCULUS interface saves equipment data to the OCULUS database. You can review patient information from the patient exam on all computers that have ExamWRITER and the OCULUS software installed and OCULUS review interface enabled.

Network Connection Method

The OCULUS equipment interface uses a USB cable to connect to the computer.

  • You must install the Eyefinity Equipment Interface, the OCULUS application, and the OCULUS driver on the computer to which the OCULUS equipment is connected.
  • Back up your OCULUS data. For recommended backup procedures, contact OCULUS.

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