Optos Interface

Optos Review Advance requires additional licensing. Contact your equipment vendor for DICOM licensing pricing and information.

ExamWRITER interacts with the Optos software as follows:

  • Before the capture process when patient information is transferred from ExamWRITER into Optos Capture to create or update retinal images
  • During the review process when new or existing Optos retinal images are available for on-screen review in Optos V2 Vantage or OptosAdvance

You must install the following applications on the computer to which the Optos equipment is connected:

  • ExamWRITER
  • Optos Capture
  • If you use Optos V2 Vantage to review images, the Optos review applications

To determine whether the Optos Capture and Optos V2 Vantage Review applications run on an ExamWRITER server and whether any additional licensing must be purchased to use Optos with Terminal Server, contact Optos at 800.854.3039.

The Optos interface saves Optos Capture and Optos Review data to the Optos database. ExamWRITER reads that database from a path in the Windows registry.

The OptosAdvance data can be shared on the Internet. The OptosAdvance software is internet based and data is stored on the internet in OptosAdvance.

Network Connection Method

The Optos Capture and Optos V2 Vantage Review equipment interface use a serial RS-232 cable or a null modem to connect to the computer or Terminal Server.

  • Back up your Optos data. For recommended backup procedures, contact Optos at 800.854.3039.
  • If you began using Optos V2 Vantage before ExamWRITER, your Optos Patient IDs and ExamWRITER patient numbers will differ and will not be linked. To link them, run the ExamWRITER/Optos Patient Synchronization utility. To open this utility and view instructions on how to use it, see this knowledge base article 000017375.
  • When you upgrade your Optos software, you must select the correct data destination. For upgrade instructions, contact Optos at 800.854.3039.
  • If you use Optos Daytona, you must rename the scheduler.exe file on your Optos server capture.exe. If you have questions about renaming this file, contact Optos at 800.854.3039.

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