Creating Protocols on the iPad

Using the Eyefinity EHR iPad application, you can create a protocol from what you've documented in a patient's visit. Keep in mind that the protocol you create will include all diagnoses, findings, and plans documented in the patient's visit. For this reason, it's recommended to use a test patient when creating protocols from the iPad.

While you can create protocols from the iPad, you'll need to log in to the web application if you want to modify any protocols you've created. For more information on modifying protocols using the web application, see Creating and Editing Protocols.

To create a protocol on the iPad

  1. Go to the Ocular Exam Room.
  2. Tap the arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen (next to Save Visit Note).
  3. Tap Save and Create Protocol.

    The visit note is saved, and the Create Protocol window appears.

  4. Enter a Title for the protocol.
  5. Optional: Select any Category that might help locate the protocol in a search.

    For instructions on creating Protocol Categories, see Modifying Protocol Categories.

  6. Optional: Tap the Would you like to share this protocol? toggle if you want other doctors at your practice to be able to use the protocol you create.

    If you toggle this ON, you can use the area below to specify who you want to share the protocol with. If you leave this area blank, it will be shared with everyone by default.

  7. Tap Save.

    The protocol is created. For instructions on applying protocols you've created, see Applying Protocols on the iPad.