Editing Providers and Staff

  1. In Company: Setup, click Resources and select Provider Setup or Staff Setup.
  2. Click the link for the provider or staff member's Last Name.
  3. Edit the following fields, as necessary:



    Active ?

    If selected, makes the provider available in the system

    EyefinityEHR ?

    If selected and if the provider uses Eyefinity EHR, appointments scheduled in Eyefinity Practice Management appear in the Eyefinity EHR Quick List. The text field is automatically filled with a system-generated Eyefinity EHR ID number when you click Save.

    Provider ID

    The unique alphanumeric provider ID.

    The provider ID is displayed on patient invoices and transactions generated by the provider for tracking and auditing purposes.

    Provider Name

    The provider’s first and last name.

    The provider’s name appears in box 33 on the CMS 1500 form.

    Login Name

    The provider’s login name for Eyefinity Practice Management.

    The default login password for new providers is start123. Providers are prompted to set a new password the first time they log in to the system.


    The provider’s credential.

    DEA #

    The provider’s DEA number.

    Eyefinity EHR ID

    The provider’s Eyefinity EHR ID.

    Complete this field if you selected the EyefinityEHR check box.

    Professional Signature

    The provider’s professional signature.

    This signature is autogenerated using the provider’s first name, last name, and credential, but you can modify it. It appears in box 31 on the CMS 1500 form.

    Works at Offices

    A drop-down list of offices. Select the offices where the provider works.

    Default Exam Minutes

    The default number of exam minutes in which the scheduler should increment appointments. You can select default exam minutes in any 5-minute increment between 5 and 90 minutes.

    Allow Overbooks

    The maximum number of overbookings that are allowed in each time period.

    Selecting 0 prevents appointments from being double booked on the provider’s schedule.

    License #

    The provider’s license number.

    The license number appears next to the provider name on printed prescriptions.

    Provider NPI #

    The provider’s NPI number.

    The NPI number appears in box 24J on the CMS 1500 form.

    TPA #

    The provider’s third-party administrator (TPA) number.


    The provider’s phone number.

    The phone number appears in box 33 on the CMS 1500 form.


    The provider’s fax number.


    The provider’s employer identification number (EIN).

    The EIN is required if the provider submits ANSI insurance claims. The EIN appears in box 25 on the CMS 1500 form.

    HIPAA Privacy Signature Date

    The HIPAA privacy signature date.

    HL7 Provider ID

    The HL7 provider ID.

    Record this information if you are integrating with another practice management system and you purchased the HL7 Interface.

    Online Schedule

    If this check box is selected and your company uses Eyefinity Integrated Online Scheduling, this provider is available for online scheduling

    Electronic Patient NotificationsThis check box enables Electronic Patient Notifications for the provider, if you have that service set up.
  4. If you are editing a provider, click + Signature to add or replace the Electronic Signature that appears on all the provider's prescriptions.
    1. Select an image file of the provider's signature and click Open.
    2. To crop the uploaded image, click and drag your cursor diagonally inside the uploaded signature image until the desired area is selected, and click Save Crop.
    Signature image files must adhere to the following specifications:

    Image Type: .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, .TIF, or .BMP
    Max Width: 188 pixels
    Max Height: 44 pixels
    Max Size: 128K

    For instructions on resizing images to meet these requirements, see Resizing Images.
  5. Click Save.

    The changes you made are saved.