Rescheduling Appointments

  1. Open the Scheduler.

    For more information, go to Opening the Appointment Scheduler.

  2. Locate the appointment in the Scheduler. To find an appointment for an inactive provider, see Viewing Appointments for Inactive Providers.
  3. Use one of the following methods to reschedule the appointment:
    • Select the appointment and drag-and-drop it into the new time slot.
    • Right-click the appointment and select Copy Appointment. Then locate the new time slot, right-click it and select Paste Appointment.
    • Right-click the appointment and select Reschedule Appointment. Change the appointment information, as necessary, and click Save.
If you have Eyefinity EHR integrated, and the EyefinityEHR? check box is selected for the provider in Administration, the updated appointment information will appear in the Eyefinity EHR Quick List.