Sending a Stock Transfer

Before transferring stock to another office, verify your on-hand quantity by reviewing the Inventory Valuation Report or by searching for the frame on the Frame Lookup tab. If you do not have enough on-hand quantity for the transfer, you can increase the quantity by using the Physical tab or Adjustments tab.

  1. Click Inventory and select Product Inventory.
  2. Click the Transfer tab.
  3. Click +Stock Transfer.
  4. Select the Item Type you want to transfer (for example, Frame).
  5. Select the Office to which you want to transfer the item.
  6. Select the Transfer Reason.
  7. Enter any Notes for the stock transfer, if necessary.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Add Detail to add items to the stock transfer.
  10. Search for the item you want to add by typing the UPC Code or the Item #, or clicking Lookup to perform a Stock Item Search.
  11. Enter the Quantity.
    You do not need to select the Do not replenish this item check box. This check box is not currently used.
  12. Click Save to add the item to the stock transfer.
  13. Repeat steps 9 through 12 for each item you want to add to the stock transfer.
  14. Click the Print icon.

  15. To print the Stock Transfer Report and send the stock transfer, click OK.

    Eyefinity Practice Management changes the Order Status to Sent and updates the item’s On-Hand quantities for your office.

    The transfer is not sent until you print the Stock Transfer Report.

  16. To verify your stock transfers, print the new Transfer Out Report, located on the Report tab.

    For more information, go to Generating the Transfer Out Report.