Using the Eyefinity Integrated Online Forms

This topic explains how patients access, fill in, and submit forms to your practice using the Integrated Online Forms with Eyefinity Practice Management. If your practice has an eWebExtra website, your patients can complete their patient information, insurance, reason for visit, and medical history forms online, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Forms are recorded in your Eyefinity Practice Management system in real time, and email confirmations are sent to your patient, all automatically.

Only patients with existing patient records in your Eyefinity Practice Management system can register for an account on the patient portal and access your online forms.

Before you can use the integrated online forms, you need to make sure your providers are set up properly in Eyefinity Practice Management. For more information, see Setting Up the Eyefinity Integrated Online Forms and Scheduler.

An eWebExtra website with Integrated Online Forms is included with Eyefinity Practice Management. For information on how to get started, go to

Registering for a Patient Portal Account

The patient must have an account on your patient portal before they can access the online forms on your website.

  1. The patient clicks Register on your website.

  2. The patient enters his or her Name, Zip Code, Date of Birth, and Email address.

  3. The patient enters the Username and Password they want to use for the portal and clicks Submit.
  4. The system checks to see if the patient has an existing patient record in your Eyefinity Practice Management system. Patients not found in your system see a message directing them to edit the information they entered or call your office to make an appointment.

  5. Patients who are found in your system see a message that they will receive a registration code by text message. The message is sent to the mobile number recorded for the patient in Eyefinity Practice Management.

  6. When prompted, the patient enters the registration code and clicks Submit.
  7. When the registration code is successfully submitted, a confirmation message appears and instructs the patient to click the login link to access the portal.

Logging In and Filling Out Patient Forms

After the patient has successfully registered, he or she can access the portal and complete your patient forms.

  1. The patient clicks the Login or Register link on your website and enters their username and password to log in to the portal.

  2. The patient clicks Patient Forms.

  3. The patient enters his or her demographic information and clicks Next.

  4. The patient then enters his or her insurance information and clicks Next.

  5. The patient selects a reason for visit and enters their family physician information and clicks Next.

  6. The patient records their medical history information and clicks Submit.
  7. A message window opens, asking if they want to submit the forms to the optometrist. The patient clicks Yes to submit them.
  8. After the patient clicks Yes, the forms are added as a PDF file in the patient’s Documents in Eyefinity Practice Management. A link to the forms is also in included in the patient information panel shown when you click an appointment in the Eyefinity Practice Management Scheduler.

  9. The Online Forms Confirmation screen appears. The patient can click Return Home to go to the patient portal home screen or click the Logout link to log out of the portal.