Reichert Interface

ExamWRITER interacts with all Reichert equipment by reading data or images obtained from the equipment and populating the patient’s exam with the data or making the images available for on-screen review.

If not linked to an autorefractor or lensometer, the only Reichert devices that send data to and receive data from ExamWRITER are the following:

  • Reichert Auto Phoroptor RS
  • Phoroptor VRx
  • SightChek
  • Visutron900

If you use ExamWRITER 14 or later with one of the devices listed above and the device is linked to an autorefractor or lensometer, ExamWRITER does not export data to the forepart, and the forepart exports only the following data to ExamWRITER:

  • Manifest Rx
  • Lensometry
  • Autorefraction

The Reichert interface saves equipment data to the ExamWRITER database. You can review the data on all computers that have ExamWRITER installed.

Network Connection Method

The Reichert interface uses a serial RS-232 cable or a null modem to connect to the computer or Terminal Server. The Reichert equipment interface can use multiple serial ports per PC.

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