Topcon CL, KR, & RM Interfaces

ExamWRITER receives data from the following Topcon equipment:

  • Computerized lensmeter (CL device)

  • Autorefractor/keratometer (KR device)

  • Autorefractor (RM device)

It then displays the data in its chart window a visit note.

ExamWRITERdoes not send data to the Topcon equipment.

The KR-8000, KR-8900, KR-8000PA, KR-1, KR-800, and KR-800S autorefractor/keratometer import only autorefraction and keratometry data, not topography images, into ExamWRITER.

The Topcon interface saves data files to a folder. You can review the data on all computers that have ExamWRITER installed and the review interface enabled.

Network Connection Method

Except for the KR-800PA and KR-800S, the Topcon interface uses a serial RS-232 cable or a null modem to connect to the computer or Terminal Server. The equipment interface can use multiple serial ports per PC. The Topcon KR-800PA and KR-800S interfaces use a LAN connection to the computer or Terminal Server.

If you use a digital refraction system with the KR-8000PA or KR-7000P autorefractor/keratometer, it cannot be connected to the computer that is running the Eyefinity Equipment Interface. Instead, the KR-8000PA and KR-7000P autorefractor/keratometer must be connected to a separate computer so that the topographic data correctly transfers to the digital refractor.

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