Upgrading OfficeMate/ExamWRITER for Existing Users

This page is intended to walk you through the following situations:

  • Upgrading OfficeMate/ExamWRITER from version 12 to version 15 on your existing server and workstations.
  • Installing OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 15 after migrating your OfficeMate data to a new server. Refer to Migrating to a New OfficeMate Server first.

If you're looking for information on updating your OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 14 or later software in place, go to Updating OfficeMate/ExamWRITER 15 with Autoupdate

The topics below outline the stages of the upgrade process. Click the headings to see step-by-step instructions for each stage.

The server and workstation hardware requirements have changed between version 12 and version 15. Carefully review the OfficeMate/ExamWRITER System Requirements to determine whether you need to upgrade your hardware prior to upgrading your software. If you require a new server, go to Migrating to a New OfficeMate Server first.