Connecting to Diagnostic Equipment

ExamWRITER uses equipment interfaces to work with the diagnostic equipment connected to your computer to perform the following tasks:

  • Import readings into exams
  • Display images managed by the equipment’s image review software

In some cases, ExamWRITER can import information directly from the connected equipment. In other cases, ExamWRITER requires the equipment’s software to be installed on your computer.

The following topics provide overviews of how to use equipment interfaces:

For information on installing and using specific pieces of equipment with ExamWRITER, see the following topics:

Before installing, setting up, and using the EyefinityEyefinity Equipment Interface, ensure that you meet the ExamWRITER system requirements.

To purchase the Eyefinity Equipment Interface, first verify that your equipment is supported. Then, contact Sales at 800.269.3666 or


1 Manufacturer equipment or software does not support cloud-hosted environments.