Setting Up the iPad and Eyefinity EHR App

The topics in this section explain how to access IPad and app settings. At a glance, Eyefinity recommends the following settings:

Change this setting... To... For this reason...
Face ID/Touch ID Remember Login Enabled Enabling this setting allows you to use your fingerprint or face to log into the app in the future. You must log into Eyefinity EHR with your username and password after turning on the Remember Login toggle. Touch ID/Face ID features may vary by iPad model and require Touch ID/Face ID to be enabled in your iPadOS settings.
Save Settings Enabled When this is enabled, Practice URLs are saved on the login screen.
EHR Runs in Background Enabled When enabled, this setting keeps Eyefinity EHR runnig in the background, This means that when you navigate to another app momentarily, you can return to where you were in the exam when you return to Eyefinity EHR.
Eyefinity EHR Resumes after Crash Enabled When enabled, you can return to where you were in the exam when you return to the app after a crash.
Image Resolution 0.5MP This setting limits the size of photos taken from within the app. This in turn, limits how much of your iPad storage each photo requires.

This section includes the following sections: