CPT Code Updates

Periodically, the American Medical Association (AMA) makes minor changes to the Current Procedural Terminology (CTP) code set. Depending on the codes updated, changes are effective either October 1 of the preceding year or January 1 of the following year. In some cases, the AMA adds new codes and retires others. In other cases, only the description associated with the code is changed.

The updated codes apply only to claims with a service date on or after the CPT code change effective date. Claims with an earlier service date will continue to use the prior codes. Billers should familiarize themselves with the changes and verify that the correct codes are appearing on claims.

This page includes the following topics:

Eyecare-related CPT Code Updates

This section includes current and historical CPT code update information:

For more information about CPT code updates, go to the AMA website.

Will Your Eyefinity Software be Ready?

Eyefinity products and services are ready to support CPT code changes each January 1. Expand the text below to see what you can expect from your Eyefinity product each year.