Sharing Information with the Patient and Provider Portal (2019 and Beyond)

The patient and provider portal enables you to give patients secure access to their health records, send patient data to a receiving provider during a transition of care, and send and receive secure messages. Through the provider portal, you can set up a secure mailbox for each provider in your practice. The secure mailbox addresses are significantly different than the insecure email addresses your providers already have; however, the mailbox, or provider portal, is similar to many web-based email programs. Messages look like email messages and patient records look like email attachments. The closed architecture of the system makes it secure and HIPAA compliant.

  • MIPS-eligible clinicians who intend to meet the Promoting Interoperability criteria in 2019 and beyond must meet higher standards and criteria. To meet these higher standards, you must be using the ExamWRITER patient and provider portal. If you signed up for secure messaging prior to 2019, go to Transferring to or Purchasing the Patient and Provider Portal to learn how to transfer from your current secure messaging portal to the new patient and provider portal.
  • Ensure that your systems meet the ExamWRITER software requirements prior to setting up and using the patient and provider portal.
  • Eyefinity recommends using Google Chrome to access the patient and provider portal.

Topics in this section include:

For more information on sending clinical health summaries to patients (2019 and beyond), watch these videos.